How To Date After a Divorce

Jumping back into the dating game after a divorce can feel intimidating at best. It’s probably been years since you’ve been on a date and not only that, you probably never expected you’d have to go on a date ever again. You might be bitter and start to lose hope that you will find someone to love again. Not so fast though. Going through a divorce doesn’t mean you aren’t worthy of another shot at a happy ending.

Below are some tips on how to date after divorce.

Keep an open mind. No matter how long you were in your past relationship, the dating scene has changed. You aren’t going to find the same kind of people and everything, even the way people meet potential dates has changed. For example, you might have been married before online dating gained so much popularity, and now it is the number one way singles meet matches. Instead of dismissing things that are new because they intimidate you, embrace them. Dive in head first and remember that if you want your love life to change, you have to do things differently than you did before.

Determine what you want. After a divorce, you might not be ready for another serious relationship. Maybe you’re just looking for someone to spend time with casually, or perhaps you are hoping to remarry again soon. Determine what you want in a date before you start looking because as a newly single person you will quickly learn that there are almost too many options out there. Narrowing down exactly what you are looking for will prevent you from falling for someone who won’t be able to give you exactly what you want.

Ask friends and family for their support. The people in your life who care about you will most likely be thrilled that you’re going to start dating. However, some might be over protective and others might not want to fully come to terms with the end of your relationship, but if you’re honest with the people around you, they will generally offer up their support. Plus, you never know who they might be willing to set you up with on a date!

Try online dating. Online dating is a great way to ease back into the dating world. You have control over how much you reveal to the world, and can pick and choose which people you want to get to know better. Plus, you can do it all within the comfort of your own home, no more getting dressed up to go to the same bars and restaurants. Online dating opens you up to a whole new world of single people, many of whom are divorced too and can understand exactly what you’re going through.