Dating after Divorce with Children

Dating after Divorce with Children is challenging at best.  You love your children and they come first.  You also have needs of your own, which include having your emotional and physical needs met.  Your life as a single parent includes being cautious about introducing your to children to your dates.  So, how do you date with children after divorce?

I interviewed a few frustrated single parents, all of which replied with a heavy sigh before describing their frustrations.

Christopher has a 20-year old daughter living in his home.   He doesn’t introduce women to his daughter.  Christopher seeks women with accommodations suitable for staying overnight, or he rents hotel rooms, but he still has to explain to his daughter why he isn’t coming home.  Christopher says he wants a serious relationship, but his situation and perspective are unsuitable for the dating dad.

Jane’s 25-year old son moved back into her small condominium for 18 months while he finishes school.  Jane no longer brings men to her home.  Like Christopher, she must explain to her son why she won’t be home when she spends the evening with a man.  Eager to support a proper home environment, Jane remains mostly celibate.  When I asked her about bringing men home, she replied bluntly, “I don’t.”

Mark’s three young children live with him while his former wife remarried and now travels to exotic lands with her new husband.   Mark consoles his children at night, despises his former wife’s lifestyle and absence, and he has little opportunity for dating.

Does dating after divorce with children doom you to celibacy?  Not necessarily, but if you are adamant about keeping your family life and your romantic life segregated, you may find yourself short on time and a place to fulfill your romantic needs unless late-night sexting satiates your needs.

As much as you may not like your child’s other parent, asking nicely for more participation in child rearing from the other parent, if possible, may be the healthiest solution for you and your children.

What clever solutions have you created to protect your children from your dating life after divorce?






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