Divorce Rate Is Increasingly Exploding

There can be absolutely no mistaking it – divorce rates across the country are climbing at an almost unimaginable state. Some stats peg the rate of divorce at almost 50% – meaning that one in two couples will eventually be headed to divorce court. While there are any number of variables that contribute to this sharp increase – declining family values, marriages at younger ages, increase in infidelity, less social taboo of divorce, etc – we have to deal with the reality of the fact that a lot of people who say “till death do we part” will often not see the relationship last quite that far. While it’s perfectly normal for people to grow apart and decide to separate, the entire situation is further compounded by the fact that so many of these marriages end with their children trapped in the middle.

This is the uglier side of divorce, and not so surprisingly one of the biggest reasons that people stay together, even when they are unhappy. There is a mountain of responsibility that comes with becoming a parent, and most adults want nothing more than for their children to grow up in a happy and healthy home. Sometimes the reality doesn’t mesh with the dream, and parents who end up splitting are stuck in the unenviable position of having to co-parent with someone they’ve chosen to leave.

This is why parenting classes in Houston are so vitally important – all across our great state of Texas and in our city of Houston are newly divorced couples struggling with finding ways to peacefully and effectively parent their children from two different households. All sorts of things come into play here – the children will be moving back and forth from home to home, uprooted and shuffled, new relationships will form and more people will be added to the mix, and as you grow and mature separately your parenting ethos and philosophy may or may not be the same. Parenting classes in Houston can help you bridge the gap, so to speak, and make sure that even though you’ve both agreed and understand that being together isn’t the right thing, making sure your children grow up to be happy and successful is a common goal. Parenting classes in Houston can give you the kind of support and education you need to make this a certainty, and you owe it to your children to at least give it a chance.

The Texas Cooperative Parenting Course™, a parenting course online made for Texans, equips separating, divorced, or never-married parents with skills to successfully co-parent children between 2 homes. It is the only online course written by a Texas Domestic Relations Office and meets the requirements of Texas Family Code sec. 105.009. Visit us at http://www.txparent.com