We are here to help families as much as possible, to hopefully help the next β€œTom” from falling.

We are here to heal families and focus on what’s important to our children no matter how adverse our situation is.

Our mission is to gain insight into the ugly truth in our family dispute in order to see what options there are, and to bring solutions to the crisis. Together we can influence our lawmakers and bring some changes.
Together we will give you back time with your children!


I envision a place where we all get along and hold each other with respect, and this will be here !

A place where Fathers can be Dads, with the support of women, where mothers can be Moms with the support of men.

A place where there is no abuse, where children get fair access to both parents; where anger and hatred are diverted and transform.
A place where the children really do come first, and their voices are what is heard. Not evil energies that hatred brings.
A place for all parents to feel safe and supported in their mission to be the best person they could be for their children.

A place of Love for yourself and your children.

Our Approach

We want to cultivate compassion between us, we want to share and learn from our mutual experiences, so we have a section for your voice to be heard, to cry for justice, so please tell us your story.

We want to hear proposed changes, so we have a section to address the current family law problem and your proposed change we want to see; please sign our petition to transform the law towards a fair system.
We want to financially support our fathers/mothers struggling for their children, so we have a section for donation toward our members who are on the verge of becoming “dead-beat-parent”, please provide your support during the good days and we will return the favor during your bad ones!

We want to provide non-legal advice, so we have a section with how to navigate your divorce, and hopefully some see contribution from a panel of attorneys


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