How to Write a Declaration for Family Court

How to Write a Declaration for Family Court

how-to-write-declaration-family-courtWriting declarations for family court is gut-wrenching at best.  You are caught up in the emotions of your losses, your pain, and your hurt.  Nevertheless, you still have deadlines to meet, and the Court needs to hear your well-contemplated position to make decisions.  You need to know how to write a declaration for family court.

I do not like to use the word hate, but I hate family Court.  I especially frown upon cheesy, sleazy attorneys “just trying to make a living practicing law” at the expense of their client’s emotions.  Frankly, America is better served with no family court.  Leave conflicts to our families to resolve as customary in developing countries.

I will unlikely succeed at single-handedly abolishing family court in America, but my feelings about family court developed through experience.  I represented myself internationally and in three jurisdictions against a high profile, abundantly wealthy, ungentlemanly person who cared more about winning than about our child.

While representing yourself is taxing, sometimes you financially have no other choice.  In writing a declaration for family court, you may want the court to hear all the details of how your lover-turned-enemy hurt you.  The court has one objective when it comes to making decisions involving your children:  The best interest of your child.

The best interest of your child is shamefully un-objective.  You must un-emotional-ize your position and focus on the real issues.  When writing a declaration, keep these points in mind to maximize their effectiveness:

  1. Your court case is not about you.  Your court case is about what is best for your children.  Focus on your children’s needs.
  2. Keep your declaration simple and unemotional.  Make your point without exaggerating.
  3. When possible, keep your declarations to 3-5 pages.

Torching, earth-scorching declarations may emotionally affect your opposition, but how do your expressions of hurt and anger help you obtain the decisions needed for your children?

Use legal pleading paper to write your declaration.  Click here for an easy to utilize template which demonstrates where to put what information.

Ten years ago, I began writing ten to twenty page declarations filled with whining complaints.  I have been where you are:  I understand the hell.  I learned to remove the emotion, write well-constructed declarations supported by facts, and clearly state what I wanted the court to do about the problem.   Keep the three simple facts above in mind as you write a declaration for family court, and let me know if you need any help.