Infernal spiral… Blindsided by an Email From a Divorce Lawyer – Ivan’s Story PART 1

I might not have the worst divorce among other men but it feels like it.

First it really got me by surprise I had a wonderful family I was considering myself as the happiest married man on the surface of the earth , all my friends were so happy for me, I shared my passion of dancing with my wife, we share our spiritual path, we share very compatible views and values, and believes. we had a good balances of indoors, outdoors activities we loved nature, and had two wonderful little souls to raise, yes my schedule was hectic at time but I was enjoying parenting with my wife and sharing the chores, everything to me was so natural every actions was a gestures of love, yes we had few arguments but that was because we were strongly convinced about the good of our intention . Well in short la vie en rose .

And then one day, we were supposed to visit a friend in Santa Cruz everything exploded!

With a very strange email arriving in my work inbox around 3pm from a supposed to be attorney stating “I have been retained by wife to dissolve your marriage.

Who on earth would do such a scam? Someone jealous, someone with a devil’s plan. I immediately called my wife : no answer, then I texted her : no answer until 11:30pm the same evening

Well my wife made the choice she was done with me, and she was preparing herself for more than 6mo without revealing any of her plan until that specific day.

Few months before she asked me to get the kitchen cabinets redone, the house gate changed, the outside paint of the house touched, she asked for a laptop, and iPod and a paper shredder . Amazingly I did not suspect anything. Even though she had hired her lawyer for 6-7 months.

So the train was rolling for already quite some time, and there is absolutely no way it could stop. No matter how bad it will become.


My wife first step take the children and and make sure she allege domestic violence to get me out of the house while kidnapping the kids and living in her minivan until orders are passed.

From the court stand point I had instantaneously become a very dangerous man who need to be separated from his children. And a very adverse litigation was launched by the not so scrupulous attorney my wife hired.

(this made me think at similar corruptions : )

Well, I want to change this such that never ever again kids will have to suffer from the self-ishness of ex-spouse eager to destroy the family for vindictive motives…