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  • How to Write a Declaration for Family Court

    How to Write a Declaration for Family Court

    Writing declarations for family court is gut-wrenching at best.  You are caught up in the emotions of your losses, your pain, and your hurt.  Nevertheless, you still have deadlines to meet, and the Court needs to hear your well-contemplated position to make decisions.  You need to know how to write a declaration for family court.…

  • Divorce and Depression

    Divorce and Depression

    Depression Does Not Mean You Are Weak  Depression, anxiety, and panic attacks are not signs of weakness. They are signs of having tried to remain strong for too long. Far too many people succumb to depression. While there is no cure, and it is not easy, there are some tips which can aid you through…

  • Divorce From A Child’s Perspective

    Divorce From A Child’s Perspective

    Personal Experience throughout a Divorce As a child who watched her parents battle for almost 7-8 years, I have an interesting perspective on divorce. I personally never felt sad about my parent’s divorce, they weren’t right for each other, and even at a young age I was keenly aware of that. In my experience, most…