A Few Tips To Get You Through Your Divorce

Getting divorced?  Here’s some advice.  When you first started having troubles in your marriage you probably thought that it was normal and ignored the little issues until they became major problems.  Maybe you have already tried marriage counselors and therapy and nothing seems to be working.  If you are really sure that divorce is the only way you will be happy then you should follow your instincts.  There are a few situations you will want to avoid and you go forward with your divorce.  Keep these is mind as you start to sever old ties and move on.

The first tip is a bit of a contradiction, do not rush into divorce, but do not wait too long either.  Many people make the mistake of waiting until after a big holiday or event to get divorced or announce that they want one.  In a bad relationship, this can just build tension and cause a messier split in the end.  The holidays and other major family times can cause tensions to raise ending in just the thing you were trying to avoid, ruining the event.  On the other hand, making a rash decision and jumping into divorce without giving thought to the logistics of the process can be just as dangerous.  Divorces cost money, and if you are on a tight budget already, you may need some time to plan for all of the expenses associated with getting divorced.  In addition to the cost of the divorce, your expenses will increase when you go out on your own and have to pay all your own household expenses.  Make sure you have a firm grasp on your financial situation and know what you will be able to afford once you leave your marriage.  You may even need to save some money before the divorce.

Another major problem that often happens when people are still unsure if they want a divorce is pregnancy.  One of the worst ideas anyone has ever had was to have a child to save a marriage.  This will only cause more stress on your relationship and introduce another person into the divorce equation.  There have been examples in the past of women getting pregnant to try to get more money from their husbands in the divorce and this has backfired more than once.  Do not do it, it will not be worth it.

Next, do not be rash and just leave.  Many people are tempted to get a divorce as quickly as they can and forget to think about things like their and their children’s health insurance, all of the financial documentation they will need to ensure the divorce split is fair, and how you are going to divide your property.  If finances are tight and you and your spouse can agree on property division you can file an uncontested divorce that will save you both time and money.  For any type of divorce you may want to have a lawyer to help you through some of the more complicated legal jargon.  A lawyer is going to need your tax history, income statements for both you and your spouse, and documentation that shows your family debt and assets if they are going to be helping you through the process.
Finally, getting divorced has no effect on a will.  If you have a will, go through it with your lawyer to ensure your personal property and wealth is being left to the person you want it to go to.

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